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        Fairy in a Jar Adoptions!
        Also known, as Fiaja!

          Hi there! I see you have just happened to stumble apon my little shop of Faries, have you not?

          Fairy in a Jar Adoptions, is a shop, designed, and created completely by Marinity [That's me!]. This is the shop account, and mule, ` f i a j a! Is she not smexie?

          Now, I ask just a few things...
            That you...
          • Read the rules COMPLETELY,
          • Fallow those rules,
          • Respect Marinity, and the fairies, and EVERYONE else in here,
          • That you do NOT Flame, or Bash my shop,
          • That you do whatever Marinity tells you, and stay on her good side!
          • Oh, and though this is said in the rules: Do NOT try copying this shop, or any of the pixels or details in it, without my consent! Thankyou, and goodnight.
        Everything begins with a story, doesn't it?

    A cold, mystral wind, blew though Kakariko village, into the lost woods.
    Aeris spun on her heel, looking around quickly. "Hello?" she called out, for a minute believing that someone was behind her.

    But there was no one. No one in site. She was lost... in the Lost Woods. Ironic, ne?

    She wandered around a bit more, shivering slightly from the cold of night.

    Soon, she heard something. A tinkling sound, like a tiny little bell. And then some soft little, feminine voices. She held her breath, stepping through the little passage on her right. What she saw, she'd never forget.

    Millions of fairies... all in one, large, meadow, hidden beyond the Lost Woods. Aeris' eyes grew wide as she looked around. Purple pixies, red, pink, green, blue, gold, black, white! It was amazing! Fairies of every color, circled around the area! Or, it looked like they were circling. What she hadn't noticed, was that they only went in small circles, and that now, she could hear that their voices were barely echoes. And now, she noticed, the grey lids above the fairies, and the near invisible jars, that the fairies were in. "Oh my--!" she ran in, looking at all the fairies. One of the fairies, a green one, with bright, pink wings, fluttered up and down, making a loud tinkling sound. "It's a Hylian! A Hylian! We're saved!" she chimed.

    Aeris looked at the little fairy, bending down so she was even height with the jar. "How did you all... get in these jars?" she asked, her dark, red-brown hair falling over her shoulder, and her green tunic's skirt, brushing against the ground slightly, as her brown leather boots seemed to squeek lightly as she knelt down. The gold clasp on her belt barely made a sound at all as she moved, and the green bandana stayed just as silent.
    "We were all captured! By this one, greedy, Greedy man! He took us from our homes in the forests, and in the trees, and traped us in these jars! But we can not open them!" Of course you can't open it, your on the inside, and your just a little Pixie... she thought. "Why not?" she'd play along.

    "They are cursed jars! Only a chosen guardian may open the Jar! So until our Guardians come for us, we can not escape! Some of us have come to like these jars though..." the Pixie said, looking over to one of the other fairies, who's glow had faded as she slept, showing a little, tiny, bug-sized girl, sleeping soundly at the bottom of her jar, her wings resting over her shoulders and legs, almost like a blanket.
    Aeris smiled dimly at the cutness of the little fairy. "I'll help you guys! You know, I'll go into the feild, I'll open up a shop, and I'll help you guys, all of you, get Free." she said with a nod.

    "Oh thankyou! Thankyou! Oh, by the way; my name is Lime'a!" she said. Aeris's smile grew. "Nice to meet you, Lime'a." she said with a nod. She pondered something. She reached for the round jar, putting her hand on the lid. She turned it to the side. IT was hard at first, but soon, the lid just popped off, and Lime'a was able to fly right out. "I'm free! I'm out!" she squeeled. She fluttered around Aeris's head, stopping by her cheek to place a light little, butterfly kiss on Aeris's cheek. "Thankyou! Thankyou so much! I'll help you now! And you'll help the rest of us! Guardian..."
        Can't live with 'em...
    Can't live without em...

    • For the Free Fairies; there is a Url in the Code, that links back to this shop; DO NOT Remove the link back! If you do, I will hunt you down, and force you to put it back!
    • Post ALL Questions in this thread. If you post the questions three times, you may PM me ONCE. If I do not reply to the PM, that means the answer is probably somewhere on the front page, or I have answered it already in the thread.
    • Do NOT ask the mule to be your friend! And don't get angry if you do try to add me, and I deney you!
    • Be nice to ALL of the other people in this shop!
    • Do NOT be rude to me, or any one else!
    • DO NOT EDIT MY FAIRIES AT ALL! Do not ASK to Edit my fairies! IF you edit my fairies, you will be reported, and Blacklisted, permanetly!
    • Fallow these rules, oki doki? I dun want to get mad at no-one.
    • Read the FAQ [Frequently Asked Questions] at the end of this page, if you have a Question. It's probably answered there.
    • Please, NO BUMPING! The Ninja Lurking, or the Heart Post, such of that stuff, is alright. Just, start a conversation with someone; No bumping please!
    • Try to stay up to date with the Rules and FAQ, as they will be changed/Added to from time to time!
    • Unless you have a VERY Important question, no PMing ME, or this Shop mule!
    • Have fun, be loved, Love!
      The Fairies!
        Or the Free ones atleast...

To adopt: Copy the code below, and put it into your siggy. The only thing in the code you can edit, is the fairy name.

Remeber! These faries are FREE


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ninja heart
ninja heart
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Dangerous Genius

As one of your ling time first buyers, I appluade you for staying open. heart
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Dapper Dabbler

Cool. I'm adopting a blue one smile Her name will be... Hm, gotta think of a name...
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Dapper Dabbler

Oops... my sig is too long already. Sorry sad I'll adopt one when I can clean it up more. (mutters*damn 255 limit*)

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