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Gracious Prophet


to our freebie art shop

You may begin Posting! Oh yeah. Please rate the forum up! We'll love you forever!

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1. No begging. At all.
2. No complaining if you don't like your art. Its free.
3. Be literate please!
4. Stay and chat. (You'll have a better chance of being drawn that way)
5. Dance! Just 'cause it's fun!
6. Art will be posted here in the thread. (K, so that's not really a rule but it's a good thing to know)
7. Fill out the form for the artist you'd like.
8. A filled out form doesn't guarantee art.

More may be added as needed.

Gracious Prophet

*`•.¸¸.•*•´´¯``•*• .¸¸.•´`•.¸¸.•*•´´¯``•*• .¸¸.•´*

**currently not taking orders for now D:
*`•.¸¸.•*•´´¯``•*• .¸¸.•´*`•.¸¸.•*•´´¯``•*• .¸¸.•´*`•.¸¸.•*•´´¯``•*• .¸¸.•´*

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Hello! My name is EtchedSpirit, but you can call me Etched, Etchy, Spirit...whatever you can think of 。◕‿◕。

❂How to get art from EtchedSpirit!❂

✓= I like ✗= I don't like
✓ Art trades
✓ People who stay and chat
✓ Tips ;D
✓ Random-ness

✗ People who beg for art
✗ People who PM me for art
✗ Rude people
✗ Leet speak!! mad [Mega NO. It gets on my nerves and I can't understand it half the time >.>]
✗ Hit and runs

❂Stuff you need to know about EtchedSpirit❂

I only draw if and when I am inspired. If your avi is not inspiring to me then I wont draw it. Plain and simple as that. Now rest assured, if you post lots and lots (and they aren't just bumps) you will get art regardless. I don't like drawing cluttered avatars. It makes the picture too busy. I can draw oc's so if I pic to draw you and you have an oc, feel free to show me a picture of it or a description of it and I might draw it for you =D I will never and I repeat NEVER draw any Yaoi, Yuri, Porn, or anything of that sort. There is not enough Gaia gold on the planet to convince me otherwise. I'm not good at animals at all D: so if I pick to draw you pleeeeease don't ask me to draw an animal. It will look yucky.

❂Art Given❂

Srs Bzns
Mistress Oreo

❂Art Received❂

None Yet =O


Usually you'll get stuff like this
:X: :X: :X: :X:

Sometimes you'll get stuff like this
:X: :X: :X: :X:

Rarely you'll get stuff like this
:X: :X: :X: :X:

Order Form
[size=18][b][color=#F08080]:heart:Give me some art:heart:[/b][/color][/size]
Color?: Yes or No
Style: Fullbody, headshot, etc...

:::::Waiting List:::::
1. The Bright Mad Hatter (bust shot)
2. Jenna Jokerface (full body
3. xX-Harmless-Vampires-Xx(fullbody)

User Image
Current Status: :Open::Closed::Busy:

Jesus, I've been neglecting this for a long time. My apologies go out to Etched and everybody else. I'm back again though. ::blows dust off open sign and gets ready to go again.
Greetings! My name is Kiaichi and I am an artist that is coming off a fairly long hiatus. Due to the break I took from drawing, my art is not as good as it once was, I guess. However, I have been toying with a brand new style so it might not turn out to be too bad! ^^;
Anyway, I’ve been known to be a little picky when it comes to drawing people so keep that in mind. Also keep in mind that I have a butt-load of different styles, medias, and ideas so you never can tell what you will get. Be patient with me though and if you are accepted by me, you will get art, no matter what. Oh and I love art trades! :3

      Loves to Draw: Cute avis, Girls, Girlish boys, OCs, Avis with a good theme
      Will Do: Girls, Boy, Maybe Anthros (I’ve never attempted a true anthro), Couples, Almost nekkid
      Won’t Do: Cluttered avis, Mechas, Groups numbering more than two, Newbish avis, Completely craziness


To Do List:

Art Given:

Art Received:

Do This
[color=red][size=18]Artz Me Bby![/size][/color]
[size=18][color=red]Style:[/color][/size] (normal, chibi, chibi bag, sketchy, b&w, colored. Basically what do you want?)
[size=18][color=sienna]Pose and/or Emotions:[/color][/size]
[size=18][color=red]Anything I need to know:[/color][/size](this is where you tell me if I'm doing a different avi or OC, or anything else about what you want) [/align]

Gracious Prophet

reserved heart
Final Reservation!
Doubtful since you didn't read the first post. No posting yet. We're not open. Also, I stated myself that I'm not drawing more then two people in one picture.
:O Sorry.
*waits patiently*

Gracious Prophet

Open! *brings out ribbon*
hello everyone

Gracious Prophet

Hello thar! =D
hehe i like your avi, it flows :] just out of curiosity, do you practice drawing to become that good, or is it a natural thing, because I could never do what you do without practice.
ur art is SO good
heart heart heart

Hello there!

How is everyone?

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