• We hide our dreams away
    Drink our days away
    Another shot, another hit
    Another line-one great
    Long rap sheet to commemorate
    Your favorite sins.
    What’s life, without a
    Little bit of death, here and
    There, a spot of fear-but
    Swatted away. Only
    A bother, an inhibitor
    Of utter disregard, which makes
    Passing time all that much easier.
    Let’s just take a moment
    To be thankful, say a prayer,
    Say thanks to jesus, for dying
    For our sins for Admiring the lengthily
    Trail of scars on our arms.
    Pesky fools, dying fools, if only
    You knew what it is like to
    Submit to this system of self-abuse
    And not only just to do that
    But to love it, revel in it,
    Soak in what is so simple and pure,
    It defeats all purpose in life.
    Whatever you thought you were
    Meant to find until now,
    Has been a mere shadow of
    What this pleasure could bring
    You-one with nothingness
    Bunched up tight in our
    Guts like another set of
    Intestines-absorbing whatever
    Could possess you to move
    On even further into the
    Abyss-let’s dwell in
    This monster’s lair, let’s
    Challenge the meaning of
    Courageous; often mistaken
    For stupidity, insecurity,
    Constant need for validation
    A little life with a
    Little death-jumping off from
    The tops of the buildings now;
    They’re burning.