• scandals abound,
    money sittin' 'round
    when it's ours for the takin'
    there ain't no mistakin'
    yo hood ain't hood enough,
    so, the new set of standards, we breakin'
    in on the biggest scores of the century and like tanks; we tough.
    North Yankton buzzkills
    they man Brad, Michael, and Trevor had the skills
    cops took the shot, one pop, went for the kill.
    movin' on with our lives,
    witness protection, that's he thrives
    Mick Townley, he needed new setting
    one, sitting in his rich a** mansion, never was betting
    the past would come knockin'; and Franklin would be the delivery boy.
    ghosts of Christmas past; minus the joyful cheer and jolly red fat man.
    Trevor Phillips, a man always with a plan
    in his head, he be cookin'...

    no mountain high enough for him to be lookin'

    Loose cannons, and get who pulling the cords,
    FIB, lies, smoke and mirrors.
    what, you all bored?
    taking two party animals, a rookie, and makin' party monsters.
    Dr. Frankenstein of the modern times,
    playin' them due to natures of their past crimes.
    mayhem, murder, hit and runs, headlines a-plenty,
    just another day at the office in the 21st ******** century.

    Scandalous (baby)
    So scandalous (baby)
    Scandalous (baby)
    So, so, so scandalous

    (Trevor) dangerous
    (Franklin) give it up
    (M.T.) so scandalous
    M & T: (like a Married couple,) the two of us
    (F) A one night stand just ain't enough
    (Trever just) need some stimulation baby
    ( Michael) A little conversation maybe
    (Franklin) got him spinning 'round like crazy
    There goes my baby