• poems
    “Good morning”

    Good morning is what I tell the day

    Open my arms to catch its rays

    But soon unfairly, it melts away,

    and puddles into muddles to my dismay.

    I soon find myself weeping

    into a state of sad and lonely sleeping

    And in my dreams

    I find it’s shining beams

    So I seek it out

    Run and shout

    Until finally, I find it’s light

    Barely glowing in my sight

    Hidden like a shadow

    Inside a deep and dark sea, nearby some pretty mallow.

    Suddenly it speaks, with a voice, so strong yet meek

    Asking me to stay away, or reap its keep

    Soon I comply, but stay in sight

    and see it off, below the quiet speckled night

    As its glow fades

    Into deeper shades