• Foreigners all fill the room
    Like horses to a stable
    I judge them all, one by one
    While lounging on this table

    My master’s friends converse among
    themselves. All mirth and gossip
    They’re such a bore
    My feline ears wish they would please just stop it

    I flick my tail and ponder smells
    That perfume is quite repulsive
    Was that a noise? Oh never mind
    No one did seem to notice

    Spaghetti’s done. It smells divine
    The sauce will surely follow
    I can’t have some? What do you mean?
    Fine! I’ll whine and wallow

    They banished me. My kingly throne
    I promise to reclaim thee
    A regal one such as myself
    Will not take this so kindly

    You think I’m cute and gaze at me
    As you consume it all
    Enjoying the meal? That’s good to hear
    Now watch me lick my balls