• Come find me, love
    I am here, lonely and cold
    I ask for your warmth
    But lips refuse and had never told.

    Your presence near sophisticate hearts
    Belonging to the young blooming maidens
    Belonging to dainty women, or men, such as I

    With your words alone, my heart hastens
    I melt into puddles, or still in idle,
    Shatter into million pieces, or rip into parts.
    You had me on strings, stunned me in a trance
    And made me dance ‘til I tire into a mess of an art.

    Yet you never knew, and might as well not know.
    Was it ignorance or obliviosity who spun you round,
    And made my love to you seem hazed and unclear?
    Perhaps disgusted or just lack of interest,
    Or, dare I jest, out of fear?
    Clueless, so clueless of your destruction without means affects
    Clueless of how you rebuild and woven me back all over
    With a thread and needle named “friendship”.

    But oh, how I long for you
    To capture your lips with mine,
    And have you rest with comfort in my arms,
    Hushing sweet nothings, peppering kisses across skin.
    I’d love to mend our souls and love, and bind it sans force and bound.
    I’d love to know you more: back and front, head to toe,
    Your corners and fields-- you as whole.
    Every inch must I know? Yes, I must, I shall
    For even flaws, to me, are crucial.

    Oh, how I yearn for your touch
    Too much that I feel its ghost when parted.
    Who knew a simple brush without intent could linger
    To torture a mind with its gross humor?
    Who knew it could have someone so bent and discontent
    On his knees begging desperate pleas
    To stop--no—to ask for more.
    And have that someone drown in his intoxicating, euphoric,
    Vile and insatiable fantasies
    By a little nudge from his darkest desires?

    I can be grossed upon once chains break.
    I tame this ugly side for the better of all.
    But when a glass’s full, it overflows
    Then words will pour out a prose
    Too hurtful and rash for the times it’s been pent.
    Be glad no such things occur, let’s hope not.
    Feelings they evoke a darker side unknown
    The one with the gleaming eye, shame his middle name
    The one without precision, no conscience,
    An embodiment of lust
    That I disgust and despise thoroughly.

    These, all of it, it will be sated if we share the same rhythmic beat.
    It will be when I am welcomed to your heart,
    When I earn your word of respect and consent.
    Not coy or ashamed if we ever bury ourselves in silks of the night.
    It will be if we let passion’s fire devour us both,
    And make us a stronger flame.
    It will be if you see me as light in darkness like I do.
    Ah, but dreams are beyond, surreal and a mere laugh.
    Sitting over yonder to tempt and try fools.
    Dreams are mind’s feast that mere hands cannot reach.
    And dreams are the ones I only have.

    Behind facades and hard walls, I cry out for you.
    You, your name, for only you’re the one who stuck by me
    Through thick and thin.
    You, for you are the only one who understood and understands.
    My friend, my love, I’ve resided in impossible hopes you’ll come.
    Drag me out of my misery and wrenching pain, I wish,
    Instead of chasing after soap love!
    Comfort me and soothe my tense and folded creases, ha I wish!
    Instead of on-and-offing with that bint--
    Babette, who you’ve lain with countless
    Babette, whom you had let your heart fall for
    Young, beautiful, alluring—in her’s everything you adore
    And here I confess her to be greater than I.

    But envy gets nowhere, and does nothing but grow and manifest.
    I won’t let myself be steered, and fall for its follies
    Not when I see you at your best.
    Until the day your smile falters, I’ll keep me from you
    I’ll withstand forces that may oppose my stand.
    Until the day heartache cares you, I’ll be here
    Isolated, I assure to unmeddle.
    I’ll be here wishing your happiness a laden to last
    Till the day time parts you from flesh.
    I’ll be here wishing you’ll settle with her soon
    While the rings are still fresh.
    Here, dreaming the impossible, waiting for nothing.

    Just one thing, my friend,
    We’re friends, are we not?
    Love me not, may you, all agrees upon it.
    But one thing, come find me
    I am here inside an empty shell beside you.
    Hear me, take notice, save me—
    I beg a room to breathe from my woes.