• The first time I walked with a boy,
    walking through the dark alley ways,
    wondering if we might get robbed.

    But, he was there next to me.
    I had nothing to worry about,
    He always reassured me.

    The first snow fell as we walked.
    He held my hand, so warm in this cold.
    as Jack Frost nipped at our faces,
    the closer he got.

    He laughed and tickled me,
    always when i least expected it.

    His crystal blue eyes sparkled in the light of the street lamp.
    When we reach my street corner,
    he hugs me.
    Axe and vanilla mix in my nose,
    Hearing his heart beat speed up,
    I smile and look up at him.

    He kisses me and tells me to be careful
    Though, my house was only two houses down

    When he lets go,
    all my warmth dissipates
    I begin to miss his presence, his passion.

    In the dark winter night
    I watch him disappear
    not knowing that
    that would be the last time
    I ever see him.