• It's been four years since i saw him last.
    Though, my feelings haven't changed,
    I have butterflies in my stomach.

    I walk up to him,
    sitting in the back of his white pick-up.
    I laugh and call him lame, just to see him smile.
    as he jumps out from the bed of his pick up,
    I go weak in the knees,

    I'm nervous but i try not to show him.
    He meets me half way through the parking lot.
    we walk back to his truck together
    and some how i feel calmer.

    Blue jeans, boots, and a plaid button up with the sleeves cut off,
    his shirt isn't buttoned, his chain hangs from his neck resting on a bare chest.
    The silver and black Hatchet Man glittering in the sun light.

    As we talk, I think God, how I've missed this kid
    We're so alike but also different
    We'd spent a long period of the night talking

    Laying in the dirt under the stars,
    I feel so connected to him,
    Like a person whose found their soulmate,
    and doesn't know it.
    I'm attached to him,
    Like the Duct Tape that patches my favorite pair of jeans.

    Let me being again, I want to be holy.
    It's been a long time since I've seen her.
    I've missed her.

    Jumping out of my pick-up
    walking to her, knowing it's her

    I could never miss that red hair
    it glowed like the evening sun.

    Carrying a dark pink rose, she smiles
    Giving me the rose, we lean on the tailgate.

    The night Before, we talked till the morning came.
    Learning everything about each other,
    that we'd missed over the last four years.

    We walk to the playground, and I watch her.
    Pointing out a baby running across the field
    I smile.

    I tease her and she warns me not to
    when I tease her again she kisses me
    I'm surprised but I don't pull away.

    I kiss her back, thriving in the warmth of her.
    I love her, I want her and no one else.

    But In the end, our hearts shatter.
    Like a hammer through glass.