• Can we dream a gentle dream?
    Let all conscious thought drift away?
    Look up and see all the stars reflected in your eyes.

    Fly away into an empty abyss.
    Fill up the dreamless night.
    Full of sleepless thoughts.

    Can you hear it?

    Hear the sounds, bursting at the seams.
    Leading me astray.
    Look into the starry skies.

    Can you see it?

    Nothing is amiss.
    Your dreams will take flight
    Or all will be for naught.

    Can you feel it?

    Reach out for sun's beams.
    While everyone else feels like prey.
    Never cutting their ties.

    Can you taste it?

    I feel your kiss.
    As we soar into yet another dreamless night.
    Yearning for the things we were taught.

    Dream on.
    Keep on.
    Keep on dreaming for everything you believe in.