• Nobody is perfect.
    But yet you expect to be.
    Nothing is wrong with you.
    All is well. Peace hugs you.
    But as you stand there.
    Steadily breathing.
    Something dark stirs.
    Deep within your heart.
    A black bird sits on your shoulder
    chirping in your ear.
    You want to be a knight in shining armor.
    Who defies evil,
    but that’s not you.
    You’re the hero all right.
    Loved by family.
    Admired by friends.
    Surrounded by people who love you.
    But you’re in a passionate love affair.
    The goodness, the light holds you closely
    in their warm lit arms.
    While from behind the evil, the darkness, the badness, the dark
    clutches you from behind breathing heavily in your ear.
    Whispering dirty things to your mind.
    You recoil slightly. You flinch as cold air slithers down your neck,
    but it drives you insane, and you like it.
    It’s a fragile balance
    that can change any day.
    The dangerous scale that people tip every day.
    You’re not 100% good or bad.
    You’re both
    whether it be one or the other.
    The light holds you gently.
    The darkness seizes your back
    leaving bruises there to remember him by.
    Are you the hero?
    People love you.
    But are you pure?
    I think not dear.
    I think not.