• keep blowin' farts up our noses
    and insisting that it's roses
    keep giving us promises
    of fat a** bonuses
    we work hard and cut our pay
    and you still tell us "whoops, sorry" at the end of the day
    we have good people going with out
    what the hell Wal-mart what's that about?
    you wanna boast all these pretty donations
    but don't tell them it's a contagion
    it's not what Wal-mart gives
    it's what our employee lives
    you take from us to make yourselves look good
    but you don't know that we would
    we make no fuss when our funds disappear
    the praise of the people we would rather hear
    but you do it in your own name
    so only you reap the fame
    never tell them you stole from your own people
    Wal-mart, are you that feeble?
    you're going to tell the charities when?
    what would the people think of you then?