• At times your vagina smelled just like my pits
    After running a marathon in 126
    Degree heat and my feet smelled good
    Compared to your gobbler of wood
    But I digress,
    On the days you didn't smell like sweat
    The sex was the best
    Put my dick to the test
    We'd f*ck until my dick looked like it was addicted to meth
    Raw like I masturbated with wire mesh
    I choked you spanked you and pulled your hair
    You moaned like I was f*cking murdering you down there
    And then I'd flip you over, and reach for the lube
    Squeeze that tube while I squeeze your boob
    Took a closer look "What the Eff" I gasped
    You had a mustache growing out your ass
    Girls' asses aren't supposed to be hairy
    My little peter says, nary, that sh*t is just too scary
    And sometimes just right in the angle of the light
    It looked like you had stubble maybe it's my eye sight
    Stubbly chin, B.O., and your ass had a mop
    I think I was f*cking a transsexual post op