• I will not cry until the rain falls.
    Mixing with my tears,
    Hiding from my fears.
    Concealing my weakness,
    Cowering from darkness.

    Shh... Don't make a sound.
    Don't say a word.
    All the things you said,
    All the hurt you caused...

    I want you gone,
    Out of my life.
    Because As I Lay Dying,
    This is my wish.

    So leave me be,
    Don't cry for me.
    You never loved me,
    You didn't care.

    Because in a world full of hate,
    One girl will recieve her last dying wish.
    Because hating...
    It deteriorates your dreams,
    Your hopes...

    In this world full of pain and suffering,
    A girl who wants to change it,
    Is to shy,
    To quiet to be heard.

    That girl is me.
    I am hushed by the incrowd,
    I am pushed from society.
    So listen to me,
    Hear me out...
    I am only saying this once.

    The things you say or do will not hurt me.
    I am my own person, I am original.
    So what do you care what I look like,
    How I talk,
    What I do?
    Does it really matter to you.

    Because even if I hide away,
    The rumors you would still say.
    What if I died today?
    Would you notice?
    Would you pity me?
    Does this really change anything?

    Just because I am gone...

    Well, I am glad to be gone.
    Because when I think back to that day,
    As I Lay Dying,
    I remember how you thought of me,
    What you said.

    You thought your words would end me in suicide..
    And even though they still think of it as suicide,
    I didn't end myself.

    Don't you still hear them say,
    "Oh poor Emily Jones, why did she do it?"
    Don't feel bad for me,
    You wanted this, right?

    I didn't want to die,
    But am I better off?
    Are you?

    Oh that's right,
    You want me to be there today
    Just so you can hurt me more.
    But I am gone,
    And now that I am dead,
    Soon, you shall be too.

    Because that day,
    As I Lay Dying,
    I smiled.
    I was, no, am grateful for you.
    You made me grow strong.

    Because each insult and punch
    Made me a better person.
    Because I walked away,
    Not stood there and beat you too.

    So thanks for everything.
    You were behind that trigger,
    But even though I am dead,
    I died and I was still me.

    So right now,
    As I Lay Dying,
    I smile at you.

    And I can tell you're frustrated too.
    I mean,
    You wanted me to be sad,
    But you set me free.
    So As I Lay Dying,
    Part of you is dying too.