• Before the lands was filled with apes
    (Their hairless jaws all stand agape,
    I know, you thought thereā€™d never be
    A land far before you or me!)
    Or plants or trees all fell in place,
    When there was fire burning clean
    The world like flaming Listerine!
    Why those were times
    When all was right
    (Or, you must admit
    At least, was bright)
    The ponderous plague of people yet
    Had taken not a single step
    Upon the shifting, wondrous world
    No enmity twixt boy and girl
    Or black and white and red and green
    Or love and hate and in between
    No good and evil strode the surface
    Leaving us their hollow pittance
    Of what once was all that was.
    Instead, we have an endless buzz
    Of dueling thoughts!
    Of fighting plans!
    Of daggers clasped in hidden hands!
    What used to be so simply hewn
    About in tatters has been strewn!
    Oh how I wish for land before
    The ape, the plant, the dinosaur.