• Dear Romeo,

    My heart aches for your touch.
    I want to see you, dear.
    I am depressed without you here.
    Let's meet together. A secret rendezvous.
    No one else,just the two of us.
    I will have to disrespect my parents by telling them lies.
    To get what we want, we're risking our lives.
    But I can't say away from you much longer.
    I'm so weak without you; you make me feel stronger.
    Your kisses from the book are the best anyone could ever receive.
    You're so amazing, I almost can't believe
    We met.
    You make me feel as beautiful as a flower.
    I wish our parents didn't have so much power
    Over us.
    Why can't they just trust
    Our love?

    From, Juliet