• Feeling so wasted on a Monday
    Drills drilling my skull today
    Had a good day yesterday
    Right up until, I exited doorway

    Inside my head there's a swordplay,
    Slowly from the fight, I breakaway,
    Today I fancy the computer display,
    So I’m shutting down my brain today.

    Inside my head there's a gunplay,
    While people are shooting each-other, I slip away,
    slip into the dreams, dreams about doing stuff my way.
    No use, head still feels like a freeway...

    I’m calling out a mayday,
    'Cus I am tired of It's way,
    Life is flying past me, as I sit here bathed in sunray,
    Sitting here waiting for doomsday.

    So today,
    I'm gonna outplay,
    My brain's way,
    And do s**t my way!"