• Lets take a walk down the road of reality
    Walk slowly now my dear
    don’t trip over the holes and branches of mistakes
    Watch where you put your foot
    Careful, or you may fall over the lies
    Trip over your mistakes and step over your triumphs.
    Take it easy now, it always changes its path
    Get ready for those twists and turns
    And those dying flowers of relatives
    And anticipate the blooming ones of a new babies birth
    Catch a falling leaf in your hand, don’t let it get away like
    The people who you loved but slipped out over your grip.
    Take this turn slowly now, expect the unexpected surprises
    Learn to jump through the puddles and have some fun.
    Sometimes you will see an injured animal off to the side
    And you want to help but all you do is stare.
    Stepping on ants is not so nice, like bullying those who you believe
    Are lesser than you.
    Don’t fall for the stranger, life’s, mistakes. Don’t take its candy, the easy way out, do what you have to do before it grabs you.
    Learn to wish upon those falling stars, to dream about what you want to be.
    Nothing can stop you now, all you need is confidence and support of a helping hand. Follow this path and one day it will end, but if you make it all the way you know nothing is impossible after facing the road of reality.

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