• Don’t stress the days until they come,
    and when they are done you can forget yesterday.
    You can act eleven forever,
    but you will always turn twelve.
    You can call a rock a diamond,
    but that does not make it so.
    So when I tell you I am broken
    it depends how much I show.
    I think I lost a screw,
    somewhere back along the trail…
    Will you come search with me,
    for my skin begins to pale.
    I am sick,
    if only just in my mind.
    If you were to look
    there is no telling what you would find.
    I may just be malfunctioning
    or still just incomplete,
    but to say that I am beyond repair
    is to admit utter defeat.
    So what I mean to say,
    even as I fall apart screw by screw,
    is that I would stand tall and smile for you,
    until my circuits blew.