• Through your hearts ramblings
    you've found no one but me.
    Love is a lie in my mind,
    even a sinner can't handle the pain
    that i'll give to you dear.

    I'm still looking to escape,
    the orchards been uprooted babe
    and I can't live on with my fate.

    Never once did you know me,
    ripped out pages, blacked out faces
    filled your world dear.

    A trickle of memory warms your cheeks,
    I've seen too many get up and leave,
    I'm not sure about anything,
    but I know i can never hold you freely,
    i'll leave one day dear.

    You whined about the time to come,
    three years it took to kill all the trees,
    their dead leaves fell at your feet.

    It's your fault,
    the things i've done,
    I hide behind a coward on the run
    from everyone she loves,
    I'll never care for you dear.

    I'll never look at you again,
    even a sinner doesn't deserve the strain
    that i'll give to you dear.