• Dangerous Thoughts
    Have you ever just wanted to give up on life
    Tire of all the drama and the strife?
    What if you went and bought a gun?
    And you wrote a letter saying goodbye to everyone?

    Put the gun into your hand, and remember where you stand
    You put your finger on the trigger and wonder if its ok as your finger quivers
    You remember bad memories in the mind and know that your putting them behind

    You have everything you need
    To make sure you accomplish the deed
    But think for a sec before you take your leave
    And make sure your not being deceived

    This can't be the right answer
    Your depression has turned itself into a cancer
    If you keep it inside it will grow quicker
    you need to cut it out of your head
    And don't let yourself be lead
    To a too quick answer
    but also a regretful end

    When there's so much time for you to spend
    Life is a gift not a burden, it's a friend
    Of that I'm close to certain I'll contend

    You just need to think of your actions
    Cause each action leads to a reaction
    You never know how each interaction
    May lead to an emotional transaction

    You don't know that a single sentence
    Can lead you to repentance

    You may not think this is even true
    You just keep doing what you do
    But you might need a clue
    This was once me, is it now you?