• Nineteen of twelve,
    The year, Titanic has come to its existence, and sail to delve
    To seas,she promise to succeed her sworn word
    To complete her journey to one of the most beautiful places of the world

    Onward the ship of dreams!
    Today your history will begin it seams
    Up goes the beam of her ropes,
    Glorious journey she hopes,

    But one night of 1912, came to the end of her dwelling to the sea
    One iceberg, has existed, and resisted to give way
    The Unsinkable, o The Unsinkable how will you see
    Mighty mist, cold flames of breeze made her metal more scrawny

    After a few hours came the big problem,
    She was scarred badly to her starboard
    to hell with her hierarchy! She slowly came drowned
    All compartments flooded, only one survived

    She came to her highest point but she didn't gave up her fight,
    Until, to thirty degree, gone her light,
    The unsinkable is sinking
    Harmony, of the sea is feasting the ship, raging

    Midnight came, the glorious ship was down to her last breathe
    Her, feelings, bleed,
    A thousand passengers? Many died with their seed
    The sea has fed, the Carpathia, the floating corpses she retrieved......