• Silent Shores

    Red-washed shores under dark skies
    Torn banners flapping in a foul-breathed wind
    Decay strewn hither and thither
    All is quiet
    All is quiet
    The will to hold blood or breath or bone is lost
    Torn apart like flesh under booming metal
    Nothing stirs from its watery resting place
    All is quiet
    Dead faces lay pale upon sand
    Spattered in crimson sorrow
    Brothers, sisters, all are lost
    All is quiet
    The air hangs heavy
    Bearing remnants of fear and pain
    Salt waves weep
    All is quiet
    Coffins of polished wood drift along
    Carried on the backs of grief-stricken brothers
    To be cast out to sea
    All is quiet
    The other side is left to rot
    Nameless faces whose pain we do not feel
    Yet each man of ours we grieve as our own flesh
    All is quiet