• Maybe I was wrong.
    Maybe I was right.
    Maybe all my choices will have a positive result.
    Maybe I won’t regret every decision I make alone.
    Maybe this virtual reality is where I’m supposed to be.
    Maybe my mind isn’t a complete clouded mess of worthless ideas and dreams.
    Maybe he loves me.
    Maybe he doesn’t feel the same way as me.
    Maybe I won’t bleed today, from the wounds of tomorrow.
    Maybe I will think before I speak next time.
    Maybe I will be accepted.
    Maybe everything will make sense.
    Maybe my voice will finally be heard.
    Maybe my whispers will be recognized.
    Maybe my pain will be felt by another.
    Maybe my heart isn’t broken, just severely damaged.
    Maybe the answers are hidden because I don’t have the strength to search for them
    Maybe I’ll get some sleep.
    Maybe my eyes won’t be stained from tears my poor soul cries.
    Maybe they know just how I feel.
    Maybe they don’t care.
    Maybe they just push it all aside to prove a point.
    Maybe it’s a fastidious way of saying “sorry there’s nothing we can do for you.”
    Maybe it’s me and not them.
    Maybe I’m just everything I shouldn’t be.
    Maybe I’m only hurting myself more by hoping for the best and expecting the absolute worst.
    Maybe all these questions are only making the situation worse.
    Maybe they aren’t.
    Maybe they are taking my mind off all the other questions I have to ask.
    Maybe I don’t ask them because my mouth won’t work.
    Maybe it’s because of the lump in my throat.
    Maybe it’s because I’m too cowardly to force the words out.
    Maybe I know the words aren’t worth anyone’s time.
    Maybe I just don’t want to accept such truths.
    Maybe I’m fooling myself with each word I mutter or bite back.
    Maybe this will make sense when I close my eyes and think of a better place.
    Maybe I should get over my fear of sleep so I can experience what a dream feels like again.
    Maybe I should just let go of whatever it is I’m holding onto.
    Maybe it’s all that I’ve got and I just can’t let go.
    Maybe I need someone to help me.
    Maybe I just can’t make it alone.
    Maybe that’s just the problem.
    Maybe I am alone and have been alone for far too long.
    Maybe someone will read this
    and care.