• Sweet silence
    clouds hiding violence
    Tolerating my fate
    What a terrible one shall be
    Within these tall walls
    Etching secret black engravings
    Within these four walls
    A glimpse of hope, a light of forgiveness
    Shining upon the floor, sending silent whisperings
    A window carrying a color of darkness
    A Gray clouds of hidden temptations
    Shiny stars carrying peoples sorrows
    A full moon demonstrating the righteous
    Showing off its lightness within the darkness
    A figure within an old framed photo
    Standing in a white dress feeling hollow
    Facing a table beholding a scissor
    Looking within another realm
    Dreaming about another world
    Searching for a new hope
    A standing mirror
    Shows a distorted figure
    Blooming face
    In an empty space
    Trying to break a fearful silence
    As the resentment phantom tries to break free
    Pieces shatters from deep sorrow and despise
    Unleashing a terrible silent out of its spine
    Oh what a terrible silence as phantoms blood shatters
    Mirror gets grazed, oh child of the past you will never pass
    Whispers of the dark deals with the mirrors' arcs
    Swallow my child as you cut yourself into half's
    Using scissors and glass
    Break your face, bury your gaze
    A tomb of secrets carried with your own hands
    Scream in pain while you scatter your skin and flesh
    Full moon shifts into a waxing crescent
    Demonstrating an ugly scene
    What a terrible fate it unleashed
    A lifeless figure fulfilled the mirrors' wishes
    Upon thee broken soul
    centuries have been gone
    Moon wept upon thy soul
    As the phantoms figure locked in an empty silence