• It was dark and cold,
    in a way like nothing ever before,
    The night filled with rain, it just splattered,
    and I was trying to keep my heart together,

    I lift up my feet like 2 ton weights,
    and the worries are unbearable,
    its 5 minutes from eight,
    but my soul is just hateful,

    I drive down the street,
    with rain on my cheeks,
    I wanna say their not tears,
    because I'm trying to hold back fear,

    Park up, get out,
    Walk in, won't blackout,
    Yeah I just didn't want to see your face,
    and I didn't want to feel this space,

    Here's the letter,
    on a raining night,
    your death is just,
    my only fright.

    Goodbye and goodnight,
    have a nice flight,
    I really love you,
    I'll never forget this night.