• Shatter my heart like glass,
    Yet act like I'm the trash,
    You promise me a home,
    Yet leave me in the rain alone,

    Watch me go and,
    Smash your things and,
    Show you I don't care,

    You think I love you,
    but I'm so far from that,
    All the s**t you did never could last,

    Yeah I,
    I picked up my phone,
    while you tried break me,
    and destroy me,

    But you,
    You picked up a phone,
    Handed it to me gently,
    that's not what I see...
    You are nothing kindly,

    So when you hear my voice,
    Know that its just a choice,
    to not say the s**t I should,
    and throw you in a grave if I could,

    Your eyes try to deceive,
    and your tongue is just gonna thieve,
    You act like I don't remember,
    about that last December,

    I waited for you to come,
    But you ran away,
    and I'll I've got is,
    What you took and threw away,

    Haha dont act like you didnt do it,
    Yeah it felt so good to throw you away,
    and make you cry,
    I probably would've smiled if you died.