• You are not Nobody.
    You are not a Nonbeing.
    You're life isn't naught,
    Sweetie, it's got meaning.

    Just 'cuz they told you,
    Just cuz they screamed;
    Don't listen to them, sweetheart,
    They ain't esteemed.

    You don't have no one,
    You aren't alone;
    You've got at least me,
    So you ain't on your own.

    And if you aren't that smart,
    Or don't think you're pretty,
    Your nose is too big,
    Your life's kinda shitty,


    It may be a bit cold,
    And probably scary,
    But it ain't all bad,
    Life's just contrary.

    So ignore them all,
    Be your own brand.
    Pick yourself up,
    And make your stand.

    You will not be beat down,
    You will not be broken.
    My love, they can try,
    But you can't be outspoken.