• "Fear"

    These objects around me
    Suddenly they have no value
    Mere creations of industry
    Existing inside my focus

    Material products
    And feelings alike
    Give way to fear
    Of losing my world

    I put on my mask
    Fake smiles abundant
    Falsified emotions
    Only real for my world

    Under I am terrified
    Petrified of losing
    Half of my entire world
    That I love so dearly

    Sick to my stomach
    Filled with horror
    All else seems empty
    Faced with this fear

    Faith giving way
    To this terrible feeling
    I will always choose the other half
    Or so I once thought

    My heart weeps
    My soul cries out
    Terrible fear rips
    Away at my being

    My world, you must stay
    Or come back to me
    And fulfill your promises
    So that I can release this fear