• The ultimate clock is the one that cannot be stopped.
    Its hands swipe memories away with each second you take for granted.
    You try to twist time to receive what has been lost.
    But in the end, the clock remains the victor.
    All that can be heard is it’s ticking.
    The same ticking that mocks you with a smirk on its face.
    And as much you wish you could just make it disappear,
    it continues its torture, finding joy in your pain.
    You search for the missing turnkey,
    hoping to prevail in this one last epic battle against time.
    This is final battle for immortality.
    Life is the ultimate clock that will never be stopped.
    It will always take you apart piece by piece.
    It will continue its winning streak against mankind.
    It will keep up its ridiculing ticks,
    reminding you that life is something to be cherished.
    As you look upon your final moments,
    you realize all that you have lost will never be regained.
    Only one question remains in your almost empty head.
    If you could change anything,
    redo any disastrous moment,
    relive any remembrance of happiness,
    be there for the ones you love,
    be someone you were not,
    do something no one would expect,
    or leave some sort of grand mark on the world,
    would you finally realize that your life was precious?
    So as this grand clock keeps up its ticking,
    remember how with each second that passes
    the person you were yesterday
    can be a whole new being today.