• I lived a life of a thousand lies
    A life of hate always leading to the same fate
    I don't know how much more I can take
    Before my soul decides to break
    So I take a path undecided and blind
    To find my way through all this haze
    All my life devoted to silence and obedience
    Today this ends
    I won't hide and obide to the Foul Shadow that lurks over me
    I'll pay my dues to life
    Find the side that Fights
    Keep me strong on this Journey called Destiny
    Lead me Through the Fog
    Guide me In this Storm
    Save me from myself and all that comes upon me as a cloud of hate
    This Journey called Destiny
    All doors closed not one found to be unlocked
    Obstacles in every course
    Maybe all this time it's been a GAME OVER
    Just watch me repeat myself
    Fall over my own feet tripping in deception
    The Shadows they laugh in mockery
    My own cowering in the cold reign
    Their cold eyes casting another dark cloud, another storm being brewed
    Will this never end?
    (It'll never end)
    Back into the cage of sorrow
    Fed words of promise that never stood
    Trust is just a Fairy tale in a Childrens book
    Happiness a Mirage in the heat of the battle
    My soul is loosing it's fire
    The liveliness it had when i was younger
    How I thirst for dream that's been buried deep
    I'll try once more to make my own
    To find the place where I belong
    To find the way to a real happy place
    To Live a life where my dreams mean something more than a Sunny day behind a grey cloud
    Pull me from the Dark
    Into Twighlight I roam
    One with the darkness reaching for the Light