• I’ve always been alone
    Even with contacts on my phone.

    To no one I could speak my thoughts
    And if I did it was for not.

    People I thought were there for me
    were not everything I’d thought they’d be.

    But from not a lack of trying,
    Of my friends I would be lying;

    For though many tried their bests
    Minds and hearts were locked in chests.

    While I wore mine on my sleeve
    How far both fell you wouldn’t believe.

    Ripped, torn, and shattered in two
    Stitched, tied, and pieced with glue

    I picked the pieces one by one
    Sore from truths that were undone.

    But I realize now I’m not twisted and crazy
    Well perhaps a bit of both, a little, maybe.

    I’m not as alone as I thought I was
    There are others alike, but mostly because

    I am just different, unique, and most important of all:
    Nobody else, but me ya’ll.