• Under aged and over experienced …

    You’re a deadly breed
    escaped from daycare
    certified to creep
    and sup on the bosoms
    of whomever’s cleavage it is you seek.
    But from education’s embrace you to hastily leaped,
    before they could teach you the ABC’S of what it is to be a
    And to not only huff and puff when someone else appreciated the toys you forgot
    but to take your blows, enjoy the lows, anticipate the highs
    and view the skies as someplace other than where pretty birdies reside.
    But hey!
    Age is just a number and maturity is just a matter of cognitive height
    that prohibits little boys from seeing the difference between city and night lights.

    Cooties and bruises, raw flesh and tight nooses
    that grips the shaft of your innocence’s constitution.
    Leaving it exposed to all hell and confusion
    And questions as to why that milk stain has nothing to do
    With your mama’s maternal juices?

    Maybe you’re deprived or inflicted with some prenatal deficiency or some kind of disease to attribute your defective decisions.
    I mean who in their right mind climbs the tree then suddenly decides
    “Mangoes aint for me?”
    Who fights a war then on “D Day” retreats?
    Who wins the girl then proclaims
    “girlfriends are not for me?”

    Just a little boy.
    Someone’s son who was given a gift but didn’t check the age range on the box, playing a game not meant for tots.
    You’re just a sore looser who threw down the box.
    But like a sailor posing as a Captain
    you’re going to long for the traces of Day light
    in the faces of the stale fish you deboned last night.
    Quit exploring Diego and follow Blue’s latest clue:
    Even Patrick knows that who I am will never come along again for you.

    Because in this generation of the under aged and over experienced,
    we’ve got infants sucking condoms
    Instead of bottles
    Boys shooting hearts
    Instead of marbles
    Manufactured love
    Instead of emotion filled quarrels
    Infidelity and cutting
    Instead of fighting all night and loving all tomorrow
    Just bobble headed females chasing fast lives
    With you AND your old friend
    You know? the one with the new ride?

    But its okay, it’s just fine
    I’ll smile because I know its going to hurt
    because you’re able to confirm,
    The average girl
    ^I am N O T H I N G like her.