• wave good bye, with tears in my eyes
    good bye friends, good bye family
    you all just drop like flys
    I'v been left
    I'v been ditched
    I hate you, I miss you
    these feelings make no sence!

    six graves in the ground
    so many no longer around
    firends arent here to hug
    grandmas and grandpas left for their time
    and daddys stuck in a box six feet under from a sudden slap of death

    I pray, I scream
    oh god please let me be next!
    I want to lay beneth the ground and rest
    but im not on the grim reaper's list

    Insted i have to see more death
    feel my heart ripped from my chest
    and embrace the sting of my razor just to take a breath

    rest in peace, grandmas, grandpas, my friends, and moast importenly, rest in peace daddy, i miss you every day