• Her gentle breathing and lustful eyes.
    It was nothing like her life, full of lies.

    Her dying pulse and slow blood flow,
    her dizzy head and heartbeat slowed.

    Nothing was like this, that pain she remembered.
    Bur reality and dreamland always she sequestered.

    I just wish I held her hand, held it longer than I did.
    Instead I treated her like an ignorant kid.

    I told her to grow up. To get back on that horse.
    I showed her no sympathy, or help through that course.

    It was ragged and bladed and vicious and cruel.
    Why.. Or how.. Could I have been such a fool?

    The love of my life, I let slip through my fingers,
    with nothing but her blood on my hands that lingers.

    Washing.. Scraping.. Scrubbing... I can't get away.
    I'm hearing her voices with no words to say.

    I'm confusing myself. Finding things to see,
    pretending and acting as who I want to be.

    Her lover. Her own. That's what I want.
    But all she does is tease, bait, and taunt.

    She acts like she cares, she acts like she knows.
    But I know I'm not the one she ever chose.

    It's awkward in ways, thinking of her.
    All the times we spent just went by in a blur.

    I wonder if she feels the same?
    If she still dreams and mumbles my name?

    But what if she does? That's all we were...
    All I want is just to have her....

    I swear it was an accident, I never did mean harm.
    I just didn't expect her to counter my charm.

    She shocked me and proved it, she was different as she declined.
    But from that moment on... I knew she was mine.

    I wouldn't let her go, I won't ever let her leave.
    Not truly as long as I will ever breathe.

    She's mine. That's it. She won't slip from my grasp.
    Not again. I won't hurt her.. I just hope she understands.