• When and if I am to go,
    There are a few things I think you should know.
    Hold these words near and dear to your heart.
    And if you remember them we shall never part.

    Mom, you are my very best friend.
    You've always stuck with me until the very end.
    You've wiped my tears and you've made me smile.
    When I hated my life, you made living worthwhile.

    And to my boyfriend, my other half.
    Who always makes my heart flutter and makes my soul laugh.
    Whose heart is pure and whose love I hold true,
    Everything turned beautiful the day I met you.

    And to my dad, though we sometimes fight.
    We always still love eachother at the end of the night.
    Who teaches me more than the books on my shelf,
    I can see so very much of him in myself.

    And my little nieces and nephews so pure.
    Who I love to make feel safe and secure.
    Who makes me smile like no other,
    Who makes me feel like I'd be a great mother.

    And to my brother, I'd just like to say
    I learn more and more from you every day.
    The Autism in your brain doesn't mean a thing,
    Except you are an angel with invisible wings.

    And I would love for them to know
    That they raised me higher when I was low.
    And if my life were to set like a twilight sun,
    I want to thank them for the things they have done.