• It was a beautiful morning in Hyrule Castle Town. The birds were singing, the market was busy, and there I was. Lonely, playing the ocarina. Waiting for something, or nothing.

    Then a boy, about my age, came from Hyrule Castle yelling and breaking pots. I suppose he was angry. "Um, you realize that you're destroying my pottery collection, right...?!" I said.

    “Pardon me?"

    Well, to put it one way, he was pretty epic with a sword, so I grabbed my sword and shield and followed him out of Hyrule Castle Town and into Hyrule Field.
    We climbed Death Mountain, we went into a deadly cavern, we killed a giant Dodongo, we retrieved a ruby from a Goron, we went inside of a giant fish, we met a Zora princess, we took turns following her order of carrying her, we killed a bio-electric thing inside of the fish, and we got a sapphire from the princess.

    We went back to Hyrule Castle Town... but we didn't know what was waiting for us.

    Dark storm clouds solidified. Princess Zelda came out on a white horse guided by a Sheikah. She threw something to Link and it fell in the moat.

    Then the unexpected happened. Ganondorf, who had sworn allegiance to the King of Hyrule, showed up. He was trying to capture Princess Zelda, I suppose. He knocked down Link and rode off into the distance.

    Link picked up the thrown item. It was a strange blue ocarina with the Triforce on the mouthpiece. It glowed mysteriously.

    Link and I went to the Temple of Time and Link placed the three gemstones on a pedestal. He played a song on the blue ocarina and a seemingly unmovable stone wall opened.

    Inside the next chamber we found that legendary blade...
    The Master Sword!

    He pulled the sword from its pedestal. In a flash of blue light, he was gone.
    It took seven years, but I finally found Link. By then, Ganondorf had destroyed Hyrule Castle Town. I was forced to live in Kakariko Village. Big surprise for a Gerudo Thief, isn’t it?

    I heard a yell come from Death Mountain. It sounded like Link, but much deeper. I ran up Death Mountain, avoiding boulders as I went. His left leg was stuck under a boulder.
    I took the painstakingly long walk back to Kakariko Village... while CARRYING him. We, or should I say I, walked into my house. I treated him with a spare Red Potion I had been saving for an emergency. It was for me, specifically, but I used it on him. Waste of money, huh?

    He slowly got up, limped around, steadied himself, limped some more and walked steadier
    and steadier. Soon enough, he was back in the game.

    We took the walk all the way across Hyrule Field to Lake Hylia. It must have taken at least 2 days. Link slipped on a blue tunic and boots with iron attached to them. He sank to the bottom of Lake Hylia.

    It took weeks, maybe months, but he finally came back. Soaking wet and battle weary, but he hadn’t drowned.

    We then went to the Kakariko Graveyard and into a dark, threatening dungeon with all kinds of torture devices. Guillotines, closing walls, you name it. They were everywhere. Link finally kicked me out due to my constant yelling and shivering from being scared.
    How weak of me.

    He came out completely worn and weary. He was wearing a second coat of blood.
    Soon enough, we were in Hyrule Castle Town.

    We fought Ganondorf himself. When he seemed to die, he coughed up blood and yelled so loud and so long that his chamber fell apart.

    We had no choice but to flee. The tower collapsed just as we escaped. We thought he was dead for sure.

    He came up from the rubble and transformed into something of a man-bear-pig. A ring of fire developed. We killed the creature after many sword strikes. In the end, I slashed his neck with my sword, and Link delivered the final strike, driving the Master Sword straight through his skull.

    Hyrule finally was at peace again.

    The End