• Where have all my friends gone?
    Nobody is near,
    What did I do wrong?
    Can't I shed tears?

    One night when filled with sorrow,
    Your new friends steal you,
    That night I could hardly see my tomorrow,
    and didn't know what to do...

    I brought you up in chat,
    and wrote my sobs,
    about how i felt my life was crap,
    and i hated the gods.

    I wrote you,
    with water in my eyes,
    but you were cruel,
    and the tears wont dry.

    You had other friends to talk to,
    And my wails meant nothing,
    I troubled you.
    My brain was cussing.

    It was strange,
    how I was always there,
    It was deranged,
    How for you I alway cared.

    I protected you for years,
    gave you love,
    where ever life had steered,
    gave you a supportive shove.

    I was your shoulder to cry on,
    I hugged you tight,
    but I never saw a dawn,
    or a light.

    That day I lost it all,
    I needed you here,
    You didn't answer my crying calls,
    what happened to the friend i held dear?

    My world smashed,
    you ran away,
    my heart you bashed,
    because my happiness had decayed.

    So now I'm alone,
    without you,
    Lonely and broken I roam,
    not knowing what to do.

    I gave you my all,
    you didn't give any,
    I was just a doll,
    Who to you wasnt even worth a penny...