• I feel lost within these faces
    alone I've left no trace
    I'm nothing but a shade of grey
    deep within this disarray

    Never changing, never smiling
    Simply leaving, always hiding

    I don't wish to play your games
    I've lost track of all these names
    My voice is stripped, I am mute
    Boys love it, call me cute

    They pull my strings, they are my master
    they say fast, I'm going faster

    I don't feel human any longer
    And I'm not getting any stronger
    I give up and I give in
    Society, you f*cking win

    I don't want to try and stay
    I tried god, I tried to pray
    You didn't listen, never do
    Are you real? Is this true?

    If you are just f*cking kill me
    I'm hopeless, can't you see?
    there's no way to save this broken doll
    Kill the girl, Save her world

    God, it's your call.