• Its 11:11
    So make a wish.
    All I want,
    is to be kissed. Kissed by a boy
    I hold so dear.
    My dreams always say
    "I wish he was here."
    My heart draws to him
    in the middle of the night.
    Even though,
    he's not in my sight.
    This boy has a heart,
    made only for one.
    Without it I fell like
    I'll want to be a nun.

    So now, before I make this wish
    for the boy
    I'm eager to kiss.
    All I ask,
    is for him to feel like home.
    My greatest fear
    is dying

    So to the clock gods
    of 11:11
    I am now ready
    to create my heaven
    But as I look up
    all I see is Hell.
    Oh s**t,
    It's 11:12