• You were the one, the one I loved and adored
    But now that you’re gone I feel as if…
    As If I can’t feel anymore.
    You were the light that broke throught the night
    guiding me forward..
    You were the string holding my life in place but now I fall.

    I should have told you how I felt
    I should have stood up for you
    I should have been your helping hand but I was never around to catch your falling tears.

    I just wish there was some way to bring you back to me
    And maybe just maybe I could show you how this was meant to be.
    But now that you’re gone I know you’re watching me from heaven

    To gaze in you’re eyes would make me faint
    To feel your touch would make my own heart skip a beat.
    To hear you say those words meant nothing to me back then but now it means my whole world.

    I want to be your girl that you cared about..
    I want to be the girl who believed you when you said “I love you.”
    Now that you’re gone I feel as if..I’m dying…

    Dying drom the betrayal and pain that now runs through my veins
    Dying from your love in which I wish I could have once again…