• I promise you, I'm trying.
    But this heart has been beaten.
    And I'm sick of the lying.
    I have always felt your eyes on me.
    I always knew,
    This is what we would be.
    But here I am again,
    With another boy,
    Who's about to leave.
    What am I suppose to do,
    On the lonely nights?
    What will happen,
    When jealousy causes fights?
    You have no idea,
    How much this all scares me.
    I tell my eyes to look forward,
    But I can feel my legs ready to run,
    My heart ready to burst,
    And my mind ready to scream.
    In the screaming silence,
    I start to over think.
    He threw me away,
    So what makes you want me?
    I am such a beautiful mess,
    An unpredictable disaster.
    And I wish it could be different,
    For your sake.
    But I do not control destiny,
    So whatever is meant to be.
    Will be.
    Whether we last a moment,
    Or a life time.
    I always knew I wanted you mine.
    And now this all seems to good to be true,
    I am a mess,
    Just because it's you.