• I rise up from this cesspool,
    This hell on earth.
    I spread Magnificent Black wings,
    Strong as steel but soft as spiders silk.
    I stand up straight, black runes burning with
    an other-worldly light across my skin.
    I stare into to night sky with my pain etching
    my face in stone.
    I am Gods Vengeance.

    I stand at the edge of the world.
    Looking down at the city streets,
    The lights zooming past below me.
    I gaze into the eternity and grit my teeth at its corrosion.
    Closing my eyes i fall forward plummeting
    To earth like a black bird diving through the air.
    I unfurl my wings and twirl through the air
    Soaring past the Towers of Glass and Steel,
    The brilliant lights and sounds.
    I set my face and beat my wings harder,
    Trying to escape this reality im trapped in.
    I am Death’s Whisper.

    I glide over the gentle landscape now.
    Long stretches of trees and meadows,
    No noise, no lights, a peacfull atmosphere.
    I settle down under an ancient willow tree,
    Its branches sagging with its long held burden.
    Its decaying life.
    I sit down and sigh,
    Letting my weariness show.
    I tangle my fingers in my hair with frustration.
    Why does it never work?!
    Why am I losing?!
    I stand up and pound my fist into the tree,
    Its bark snapping under my fist.
    I stare at which my anger did.
    Defacing this ageless beauty.
    I drop my arm in defeat and walk out
    Under the night sky again.
    I spread my wings once more
    And fly back to the Towers of Glass that touch the sky.
    I am the End….