• Sad to be me

    All I think about is you,
    when we were walking,
    washing whack trash
    like its the last crap you ever seen cause its in the past and it won't come back,
    But who ever cared, there's only misery being bound by memory's it's like an endless sleep
    and speaking of sleep last time I remember that sh*t I was sleepless cause I remember everything
    Its bogus thinking dead not known present or not people snappy cause you ain't answering to anything
    They say it's kind of annoying but you really don't care
    Last thing you ever cared about was your daughter that was not even born at all and now your life is pointless at the time being.

    It's so sad ( sad)
    To be some one that you can't be (be)
    It blows my mind, drives me across the lines
    Might as well fall down and cry my self to sleep because
    It's Sad to be me
    f*ck it


    Voices falling the echo is a loud sound that bounces Like clouds around and the world be bugging, cause feelings will take over me, and that good one I want is gone but it sucks, why oh why when I go up and I go down towards the cross at the bottom of the building its gone tell the next midnight night, its a visual nightmare thinking your sane not insane but your crazy seeing things before they even come to reality, it's my fatality, I'm getting a little reckless, coming more restless, all I need is a cure like Advil, it cures everything, I think I need help?


    Now I'm look-in a mess but I aint trying to be depressed, it's hard when things tend to bend when friends are out to make you look like send in mail, it's raw meat, it's not straight with me, I'm almost blind by bullsh*t you set aside, don't make me duck out and f*ck all the rest, yeah I think it's sad to be me but you got no right to f*cking judge me you prick! Your pathetic big shot with your hot shot rides with toys and shop but remember that was a dream we living reality.