• Blood.
    I want to spill,
    Mine, or Yours?
    I'm not too sure


    Bend me,
    Break me,
    Make me Bleed,
    Or forfeit power
    and concede,
    the dominance to me.

    What could I do
    with all that power?
    Could I let a Sadist rise?

    Let me split the skin
    and beat the flesh,
    Find the thing that pleasures best
    Open up the darker side
    A side of me I try to hide
    Let me revel in the taste
    Lust and pain together laced
    The seduction of the domination

    Let me take my anger out
    The insecurities,
    the doubt.

    But in the end
    has nothing changed?
    Of course not,
    'Cause you could care the least for me.

    There's blood on the floor,
    everything is a mess
    and of course, it's all my fault.

    I cut out my heart
    and I gave it to you
    but you had to tell me,
    you just wouldn't do.
    And you handed it back.

    And now there's blood on the floor,
    and everything is a mess,
    and of course, it's all my fault,
    because I offered you my heart,
    but I couldn't put it back...