• All I wanted was a reason,
    and you couldn't even do that.
    Avoid confrontation,
    while you go out in the night.
    Him. Gone to him,
    but that's okay with me.
    Except when I ask for a reason,
    maybe I should get on my knees,
    because when I ask for a reason,
    you try to confuse me.
    I want to ask for a reason,
    and now I can't see a reason
    that this reason hasn't been given to me.
    Selfish, just a little.
    Everyone has to be just a little,
    or else other's stomp ontop you
    and you fall through the middle.
    The middle of the cracks
    in the foundation of society.
    It hurts
    because all I want is the reason that you have yet to provide for me.