• desteny??
    Biting back the pain,
    I tried to move on
    Swallowing the tears
    I always pretended to be strong
    Flowing with the lust
    I gave them all what they wanted
    I was numb to the world
    I walking shell
    I couldn’t tell
    If I was in haven or in hell
    Then suddenly he shot into my life
    Waking me up inside
    He night just be my very destiny
    And he makes my hart thump
    As it never has before
    I cant get enough
    Of the sound of his voice
    Destiny or not,
    I can’t let him go
    I don’t know if I knew him before
    But he feels so failure
    And my body aches for his touch.
    I have never wanted anyone this much
    So as I write this know,
    That you are on my mind
    You are the change this world needs
    And I will stand by your side
    Share with me your weakness
    I will keep them safe
    And in return I give you
    My eternally beating hart