• Of course I have been wrong before;
    It's always seminary.
    ... Was nulled of bringing down the horse,
    though that was temporary.

    I wish that should there be a stir in you,
    I'd be your steer;
    You be relieved that I perceive
    The truth from far or near.

    Though incidents tend to evade,
    Thank my mnemonic efforts,
    The details sit as they were played,
    Within feet of my measure.

    By habit, maybe you assume the role
    Of a timekeeper;
    A smoldered glade, a folded blade
    A sad honesty reaper.

    But honestly, I think to have
    A monolithic status.
    I know you know, but maybe find
    A justice apparatus.

    And maybe I am blind-sided and
    Am self over-whelming,
    But all I see is possibly
    (You may try to dispell me)
    I am a great anomaly,
    And nothing can compel me.

    I could be wrong; I live in light,
    And peek inside the darkness,
    But more than often am I right,
    And can not render softness.

    ... You're here again. My truest friend,
    Oh, how could I employ you?
    My head's become a horror show;
    How I wish to destroy you.