• You have nothing left in you,

    Because you gave it all away.

    Gave it to the one that doesn't care what you do.

    doesn't hear what you say.

    Doesn't want to start something new.

    Their just as happy to turn you away.

    I wish I could have that place in your heart too.

    All I can do is pray.

    I'm the one you see right through.

    I watch you break down,start to decay.

    Don't want to believe what we both know is true.

    Don't want to see you stay.

    The only love I ever knew.

    You're in Dismay.

    Why can't it be but us two.

    I bring you chocolate and bouquet.

    I want to be the one you look to.

    Not only on your darkest day.

    not only when you're blue.

    I want to sweep you away.

    Make this our pas de deux.

    and this world our cabaret.