• Erase the marks you make
    In order to create
    A spark of imagination
    That can be used in any way
    You choose.

    Construct a building like no other or a
    Special letter to your mother
    So long as you pour yourself into it all
    There won't be room for fault.

    Or get those gears working and you'll be on your way
    To another place where you can escape,
    Transcending higher up the ladder until nothing else matters.

    Look on to the page reading every word with praise
    And appreciation for the intellectual enginuity that you've produced
    And used for your own application.

    Mind, Thoughts, so confusing all scattered
    But when gather and fused, they can be beautiful.
    There's so much capability in this way to vent;
    Reading one's writing become's a doorway to their soul...

    All you have to do is knock.